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Oregon Coast Wedding Venues

OK...we're technically out of Winter here at Oregon Coast Wedding Venues, despite the occasional touch of coastal snow (!?!). Actually, such weather mutations only play up the already reasonably-obvious fact that Oregon Coast wedding venues are some of the most compelling places on earth to celebrate one's Union. A touch of snow on the sand makes it all the more magical.

But...now that there is Spring, it's time to get out to some of those acres of nuptial wonderment which dot the Pacific shore-stretch as wedding venues. Oregon Coast getting-married locales are considered the world-around as prime turf, so the wise couple looking to get married in this realm of unsurpassed natural beauty would be well advised to do so with a certain degree of dispatch, lest that "perfect" date and place be coveted by those at a distance.

Because they will covet it; will get it; and will enjoy the heck out of it. So...don't delay. There is a finite number of cool Oregon Coast wedding venues. Secure yours! Besides...you never know when the weather is going to change...

If there is a Paradise for weddings, some sizable portion of it must belong to the Oregon Coast. Wedding venues along the State's 350 mile long border with the Pacific Ocean are trulythat magnificent. Indeed...if there is anywhere for a couple to contemplate the essential nature of the "Forever" they are vowing to each other, an apropos location would be on the doorstep of the world's largest and seemingly infinite mass of water, where it might appear that wedding venues along the Oregon Coast are like the sand: ubiquitous.

Take, for instance, the visual splendor available at even a simple public ocean front spot, like Gearhart Beach, just north of Seaside. Its lengthy stretches of sand anchored seagrasses form a short, sometimes-shifting cliff line just above a genuinely massive span of pristine beach, and vows said there join in voice with the winds which run forever in from the sea. A short drive beyond Gearhart is another example of a simple wedding ceremony locale with Ecola State Park, situated on the northern border of Cannon Beach. After a few minutes of attention focusing drive from Hwy 101, the Park is a Glory of picture-hogging Views of rugged Oregon Coast. Wedding venues don't come much more, ah...minimalist, shall we put it, than at Ecola, so it is truly a "spot." But what a spot! Add to those, the eye-popping splendor of the view from the Manzanita Overlooks at Oswald West State Park, and one might be tempted to go through the ceremony more than once, with different coastal backgrounds each time.

The list could go on and on. Overall,  it would  seem that virtually anywhere along this Northwest length of coast would suit for a place to say "I do," even factoring in the often murky or downright turbulent Oregon Coast weather which reigns o'er the area--and makes it such an appealing wedding destination both for locals and large numbers of others throughout the rest of the world.

A Wedding Venue, or Just A Wedding "Spot"?

Still, the fact remains that weddings are usually much more complex than an exchange of vows, whether at the above cited locations, or at some of the unique other wedding ceremony spots on the beach, however stunning the visual backdrop. This is true particularly when these ceremonies (to say nothing of the receptions) are going to involve anything more than the couples themselves saying the words and that being it. Enchanting though may be the vow-taking "spots" cited above, they are not necessarily at all right for the rest of the Day. Weddings are complex presentations which involve sometimes large numbers of people, their comfort, feeding, entertainment, and a dozen other logistical considerations, up to and including the number of bathrooms available, and how accessible are the entrances for elderly and handicapped guests. Which means that, even on the Oregon Coast, wedding venues--true, professional wedding venues--may well make the difference between one's nuptials being a successful, memorable event which portends a delightful marriage ahead...or a well intended disappointment. Choosing between, say, Newport, Oregon hotels and Cannon Beach hotels might appear to be but a matter of whether one prefers one kind of coastal scene to another. On the other hand, there may be a dozen logistical differences between the two--including types of accommodations, catering facilities, even number of restrooms--which could make a significant impact on a wedding venue decision, depending on the style of the wedding and the number of guests anticipated attending the festivities.

And Then, There's the Weather

Indeed...and then, there's the weather. As mentioned previously, some of the enormous charm of the Oregon Coast (and its wedding venues) lies in its often temperamental weather. This is not merely a "gorgeous sundown" sand box. True...a coast sundown here is a jaw-dropping sight to behold. Here at Oregon Coast Wedding Venues, we stand one hundred percent behind the belief that such a spectacle is the equal of anything seen in California or even Hawaii. But, unlike Florida or California beaches, this Coast relies just as heavily on fogbanks and lashing rains and winds to set its tone for activities. For this reason, many Big Days are days beneath the lights in ceremonies and receptions held behind ceiling-high glass panels to allow for both fabulous Coast storm watching and essential coziness. The Oregon Coast weather is an aspect of one's wedding planning to consider for all concerned, if one is truly set on having at least one element of the Day be outside to some degree. Still, the varying weather remains a terrific show and a definite attraction/overall-plus to choosing one of the Oregon Coast wedding venues listed below. 

Our Oregon Coast Wedding Venues Directory

Which is fantastic, in a sense, but it's far too mind-boggling for someone trying to conceptualize and develop  a major Life-Event involvingbrings us to those very Oregon Coast wedding venues mentioned above, and the reason for our existence.Oregon Coast Wedding Venues (OregonCoastWeddingVenues.com), we aim to provide a simple, information center for a panoramic selection of Coast wedding locations which will furnish both the perfect atmosphere and perfect accommodations for you and your guests at your ceremony and reception.

For a couple planning a wedding on this fabulous stretch of Western scenery, one of the more daunting problems lies simply with a general inability to locate many of these Coast wedding facilitiesat all without lots of standard internet research. Unlike in other regions of the state, there has been little in the way of an Oregon Coast collection of suitable wedding locales. The information in our wedding planning directory here in our Oregon Coast Wedding Venues site is easily accessed--designed for people who do not have hours available for wading through search engine results.

We've separated the information in this directory into three sections. Northern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues, covers the area from Astoria on the north, down through Lincoln City. South Of Lincoln City, to Reedsport, is the realm of many lovely Central Oregon Coast Wedding Venues. And beyond Reedsport, the Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues stretch through Gold Beach and Brookings.All three of these areas of the coast are similar in their rugged visual individuality from the typical "SoCal" image of "beach" (and the water is pretty chilly as well) yet all are unique to each other in their presentations of differing aspects of the state's coastline. Both Central Oregon Coast and South Oregon Coast wedding venues often differ from their Northern sisters in that some of them are not strictly ocean-front environments. This situation actually can play to these venues' advantage, however, in that it allows a wedding couple the best of two individual atmospheres. The coast is always nearby for the ceremony, then the actual facility awaits just a few miles inland--possibly by a lovely river--for the evening's celebration. 

Northern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues

Northern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues begin with Astoria and its Liberty Theater, then south through the principal cities of the area: Seaside, Cannon Beach--with both the versatile Cannon Beach Community Hall, and opulent Surfsand Resort--then comes the jaw-dropping downgrade sweep into the Nehalem area and the Nehalem Bay Winery, just up Highway 53 a few miles from the ocean front area. From there, it's back to the 101, again heading south, on through verdant Tillamook and further along down the road and a slight jog off from the well travelled highway to the Pelican Pub and Brewery Pacific City. 

Central Oregon Coast Wedding Venues

The Central Oregon Coast Wedding Venues are no less distinctive than their northern cousins. It all begins with a highway run further southward into Lincoln City and a stop at the elegant Coastal outpost which is the world-famous Inn at Spanish Head. Then, a mite futher down, comes Gleneden Beach and the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort. The road, as ever, stretches on...to continue  through Newport, Oregon's familiar and exhibit rich Oregon Coast Aquarium, along with the equally familiar wedding venue,   Shilo Inn - Newport. From there, it's back behind the wheel for a sprint down a length of the super scenic 101 into Reedsport. It is unique. Huge stretches of beach. Massive rock outcroppings. Hundreds and hundreds of yards of seagrass belt between towns and water. Undulating sand dunes... Such and more are the visual enticements which make for such wonder-full Oregon Coast wedding venues as can be found in this Central Coastal part of the state. 

Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues

It is the Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues section, then, which identifies the fine hotels, B&Bs, great houses and other South Oregon Coast wedding sites from Reedsport, on south. North Bend (and Coos Bay) offers two possibilities with the contemporary connectivity  Comfort Inn in Coos Bay counterpointing the more plush and genteel, other-Century offerings of historic Coos Bay Manor. Further on..., down Highway 101, is the beautiful town of Bandon, be sure to check out the Bandon Crossings for your wedding, overlooking the lush golf course. Just about to Gold Beach, a few minutes up along the Rogue River--this is the land of two worlds with Tu Tu' Tun Lodge. Here, couples can take full advantage of all the lodge offers as an elegant wedding venue, while being only a few minutes distant from yet more spectacular Oregon Coast. Finally, the trip through the lower half of this Northwestern eden finalizes with the town of Brookings and beyond to Brookings and its Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired chapel in a garden at Capella by the Sea. And, by the way, it might be noted that these listings in our Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues section are especially vital to anyone planning a wedding in this area due to the near impossibility of web-search-locating any other collected grouping of potential South Coast wedding sites.

Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Photographers

Throughout Oregon Coast Wedding Venues there is wedding photography from a number of diverse and talented Oregon Coast Photographers. Information on a select few of those is available on our Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Photographers.com , our curent featured-artists.

Beyond Oregon Coast Wedding Venues

We are truly very proud to announce now a new addition to our network of wedding venues (for those who, for some reason, do not wish to be married on the Oregon Coast) : Beyond Oregon Coast Wedding Venues reveals the most fabulous wedding locales to be found up and down the Willamette Valley. From Portland wedding locations, to wedding venues Eugene offers, and Salem, Oregon as well. Enjoy.